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Licensing of Zephyr Project components

The Zephyr kernel tree imports or reuses packages, scripts and other files that are not covered by the Apache 2.0 License. In some places there is no LICENSE file or way to put a LICENSE file there, so we describe the licensing in this document.

kconfig and kbuild

Origin: Linux Kernel

Licensing: GPLv2 License


Origin: Linux Kernel

Licensing: GPLv2 License


Origin: FatFs is a file system based on the FAT file system specification. This is provided by ELM Chan


Copyright (C) 2016, ChaN, all right reserved.

FatFs module is an open source software. Redistribution and use of FatFs in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following condition is met:

  1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this condition and the following disclaimer.

This software is provided by the copyright holder and contributors “AS IS” and any warranties related to this software are DISCLAIMED. The copyright owner or contributors be NOT LIABLE for any damages caused by use of this software.



Licensing: Apache 2.0 (see ext/hal/cmsis source)



Licensing: 3-clause BSD (see ext/hal/nordic source)



Licensing: 3-clause BSD (see ext/hal/nxp/mcux source)



Licensing: 3-clause BSD (see ext/hal/qmsi source)