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LiteX VexRiscv


LiteX is a Migen-based System on Chip, supporting various softcore CPUs, including VexRiscv. The LiteX SoC with VexRiscv CPU can be deployed on e.g. Digilent ARTY board. More information can be found on: LiteX’s website and VexRiscv’s website.

Programming and debugging


Applications for the litex_vexriscv board configuration can be built as usual (see Building an Application). In order to build the application for litex_vexriscv, set the BOARD variable to litex_vexriscv.


You can boot from serial port using flterm:, e.g.:

flterm --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --kernel <path_to_zephyr.bin> --kernel-adr 0x40000000