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BBC micro:bit line-follower robot


This sample show makers and robotics engineers how to use a Zephyr OS application to control a stand-alone line-following DFRobot Maqueen robot chassis containing a BBC micro:bit board.

Building and running

To build and run this sample you’ll need a DFRobot Maqueen robot chassis (ROB0148) with a BBC micro:bit board. Use black tape to create a line track for the robot to follow. Build and flash the program to the BBC micro:bit board (described below), turn on the robot, and put it on the black line track.

Build this sample project using these commands:

west build -b bbc_microbit samples/boards/bbc_microbit/line_follower_robot

Then flash the program to the micro:bit board.

Sample Output

The sample program controls the robot to follow a line track and does not write to the console. You can watch this robot video to see it in action.