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Controller Area Network


This sample demonstrates how to use the Controller Area Network (CAN) API. Messages with standard and extended identifiers are sent over the bus. Messages are received using message-queues and work-queues. Reception is indicated by blinking the LED (if present) and output to the console.

Building and Running

In loopback mode, the board receives its own messages. This could be used for standalone testing.

The LED output pin is defined in the board’s devicetree.

The sample can be built and executed for boards with a SoC that have an integrated CAN controller or for boards with a SoC that has been augmented with a stand alone CAN controller.

Integrated CAN controller

For the NXP TWR-KE18F board:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b twr_ke18f samples/drivers/CAN
west flash

Stand alone CAN controller

For the nRF52_PCA10040 board combined with the DFRobot CAN bus V2.0 shield that provides the MCP2515 CAN controller:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b nrf52_pca10040 samples/drivers/CAN -- -DSHIELD=dfrobot_can_bus_v2_0 -DCONF_FILE=prj.mcp2515.conf
west flash

Sample output

Change LED filter ID: 0
Finished init.
Counter filter id: 4

uart:~$ Counter received: 0
Counter received: 1
Counter received: 2
Counter received: 3


The values shown above might differ.