Actinius Icarus


The Icarus IoT Dev Board is a complete development board for developing LTE-M/NB-IoT applications, with GPS, Accelerometer, battery management and others.

The main uController is the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160, with ARM Cortex-M33F CPU, ARMv8-M Security Extension and the following devices (provided directly by Nordic):

  • ADC
  • GPIO
  • I2C
  • MPU
  • NVIC
  • PWM
  • RTC
  • Segger RTT (RTT Console)
  • SPI
  • WDT
  • IDAU
Icarus IoT Dev Board w/ Pinouts

Icarus IoT Dev Board w/ Pinouts

Icarus IoT Dev Board

Internal Pinouts


The detailed information about the on-board hardware can be found at the Icarus Product Website [2].

Supported Features

The actinius_icarus board configuration supports the following hardware features:

Interface Controller Driver/Component
ADC on-chip adc
CLOCK on-chip clock_control
FLASH on-chip flash
GPIO on-chip gpio
I2C(M) on-chip i2c
MPU on-chip arch/arm
NVIC on-chip arch/arm
PWM on-chip pwm
SPI(M/S) on-chip spi
SPU on-chip system protection
UARTE on-chip serial
ACCEL st lis2dh

Security components

  • Implementation Defined Attribution Unit (IDAU [1]). The IDAU is implemented with the System Protection Unit and is used to define secure and non-secure memory maps. By default, all of the memory space (Flash, SRAM, and peripheral address space) is defined to be secure accessible only.
  • Secure boot.

Building Secure/Non-Secure Zephyr applications

The process requires the following steps:

  1. Build the Secure Zephyr application using -DBOARD=actinius_icarus and CONFIG_TRUSTED_EXECUTION_SECURE=y in the application project configuration file.
  2. Build the Non-Secure Zephyr application using -DBOARD=actinius_icarus_ns.
  3. Merge the two binaries together.

If you are using Segger Embedded Studio v4.18 or later, the two binaries are built, merged, and burned automatically, unless you have disabled the feature.

When building a Secure/Non-Secure application, the Secure application will have to set the IDAU (SPU) configuration to allow Non-Secure access to all CPU resources utilized by the Non-Secure application firmware. SPU configuration shall take place before jumping to the Non-Secure application.

More information can be found in the Icarus “Get Started” Guide [3].