Holyiot YJ-16019


The Holyiot [1] YJ-16019 hardware provides support for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 ARM Cortex-M4 CPU and the following devices:

  • GPIO
  • MPU
  • NVIC
  • PWM
  • RADIO (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • RTC
  • Segger RTT (RTT Console)
  • WDT
Holyiot YJ-16019

Holyiot YJ-16019 (Credit: Holyiot)

The board is equipped with one LED, one push button, and is powered by a CR2032 coin cell. The Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter [2] contains the processor’s information and the datasheet.


The nRF52832 of the Holyiot YJ-16019 is clocked by an external crystal with a frequency of 32.768 kHz.

Supported Features

The holyiot_yj16019 board configuration supports the following hardware features:

Interface Controller Driver/Component
CLOCK on-chip clock_control
FLASH on-chip flash
GPIO on-chip gpio
MPU on-chip arch/arm
NVIC on-chip arch/arm
PWM on-chip pwm
RADIO on-chip Bluetooth
RTC on-chip system clock
RTT Segger console
WDT on-chip watchdog

Other hardware features are not supported by the Zephyr kernel.

Connections and IOs

LED and push button

  • Push button = P0.28
  • LED = P0.29

Programming and Debugging

Applications for the holyiot_yj16019 board configuration can be built and flashed in the usual way (see Building an Application and Run an Application for more details); however, an external Segger J-Link is required since the board does not have any on-board debug IC.

The following pins of the Segger J-Link must be connected to the following test pads on the PCB (see image):

  • VTref = VCC
  • GND = GND
Holyiot YJ-16019 PCB

Holyiot YJ-16019 PCB (Credit: Holyiot)


Follow the instructions in the Nordic nRF5x Segger J-Link page to install and configure all the necessary software. Further information can be found in Flashing. Then build and flash applications as usual (see Building an Application and Run an Application for more details).

Here is an example for the Blinky Application application.

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b holyiot_yj16019 samples/basic/blinky
west flash


Refer to the Nordic nRF5x Segger J-Link page to learn about debugging Nordic nRF52x-based boards with a Segger debugger.

Testing the LED and button on the Holyiot YJ-16019

There are 2 samples that allow you to test that the button and LED on the board are working properly with Zephyr:


You can build and flash the examples to make sure Zephyr is running correctly on your board. The button and LED definitions can be found in boards/arm/holyiot_yj16019/holyiot_yj16019.dts.