SiFive HiFive1 Rev B


The HiFive1 Rev B is an Arduino-compatible development board with a SiFive FE310-G002 RISC-V SoC.

Programming and debugging


Applications for the hifive1_revb board configuration can be built as usual (see Build an Application) using the corresponding board name:

Using west:

west build -b hifive1_revb

Using CMake and ninja:

# Use cmake to configure a Ninja-based buildsystem:
cmake -B build -GNinja -DBOARD=hifive1_revb .

# Now run ninja on the generated build system:
ninja -C build


The HiFive 1 Rev B uses Segger J-Link OB for flashing and debugging. To flash and debug the board, you’ll need to install the Segger J-Link Software and Documentation Pack and choose version V6.46a or later (Downloads for Windows, Linux, and macOS are available).

With the Segger J-Link Software installed, you can flash the application as usual (see Build an Application and Run an Application for more details):

west flash


Refer to the detailed overview about Custom Board, DeviceTree and SOC Definitions.