SiFive HiFive1


The HiFive1 is an Arduino-compatible development board with an FE310 RISC-V SoC. More information can be found on SiFive’s website.

Programming and debugging


Applications for the HiFive1 board configuration can be built as usual (see Build an Application). In order to build the application for HiFive1, set the BOARD variable to hifive1.

export BOARD="hifive1"


In order to upload the application to the device, you’ll need OpenOCD and GDB with RISC-V support. Download and installation instructions can be found in the SiFive’s Freedom-E-SDK GitHub repository.

With the necessary tools installed, you can connect to the board using OpenOCD. To establish an OpenOCD connection, switch to the utils directory and run:

# assuming that the location of the openocd is in PATH
sudo openocd -f ${SDK_PATH}/bsp/env/freedom-e300-hifive1/openocd.cfg

Leave it running, and in a different terminal, use GDB to upload the binary to the board. Use the RISC-V GDB from SiFive’s Freedom-E-SDK toolchain.

Before loading the binary image to the device, the device’s flash protection must be disabled. Here are the GDB terminal commands to connect to the device, disable the flash protection, load the binary, and start it running:

(gdb) set remotetimeout 240
(gdb) target extended-remote localhost:3333
(gdb) monitor reset halt
(gdb) monitor flash protect 0 64 last off
(gdb) load {path to repository}/build/zephyr/zephyr.elf
(gdb) monitor resume


Refer to the detailed overview about Custom Board and SOC Definitions.