Network Shell

Network shell provides helpers for figuring out network status, enabling/disabling features, and issuing commands like ping or DNS resolving. Note that net-shell should probably not be used in production code as it will require extra memory. See also generic shell for detailed shell information.

The following net-shell commands are implemented:

net-shell commands
Command Description
net allocs Print network memory allocations. Only available if CONFIG_NET_DEBUG_NET_PKT_ALLOC is set.
net arp Print information about IPv4 ARP cache. Only available if CONFIG_NET_ARP is set in IPv4 enabled networks.
net conn Print information about network connections.
net dns Show how DNS is configured. The command can also be used to resolve a DNS name. Only available if CONFIG_DNS_RESOLVER is set.
net gptp Print information about gPTP support. Only available if CONFIG_NET_GPTP is set.
net iface Print information about network interfaces.
net ipv6 Print IPv6 specific information and configuration. Only available if CONFIG_NET_IPV6 is set.
net mem Print information about network memory usage. The command will print more information if CONFIG_NET_BUF_POOL_USAGE is set.
net nbr Print neighbor information. Only available if CONFIG_NET_IPV6 is set.
net ping Ping a network host.
net route Show IPv6 network routes. Only available if CONFIG_NET_ROUTE is set.
net stats Show network statistics.
net tcp Connect/send data/close TCP connection. Only available if CONFIG_NET_TCP is set.
net vlan Show Ethernet virtual LAN information. Only available if CONFIG_NET_VLAN is set.