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IS31FL3733 LED Matrix


This sample controls a matrix of up to 192 LEDs. The sample performs the following test steps in an infinite loop:

  • Set all LEDs to full brightness with led_write_channels() API

  • Disable upper quadrant of LED array with led_write_channels() API

  • Dim each LED in sequence using led_set_brightness() API

  • Toggle each LED in sequency using led_on() and led_of() APIs

  • Toggle between low or high current limit using is31fl3733_current_limit() API, and repeat the above tests

Sample Configuration

The number of LEDs can be limited using the following sample specific Kconfigs:



Building and Running

This sample can be run on any board with an IS31FL3733 LED driver connected via I2C, and a node with the issi,is31fl3733 compatible present in its devicetree.

This sample provides a DTS overlay for the NXP FRDM-K22F board (boards/frdm_k22f.overlay). It assumes that the IS31FL3733 LED controller is connected to I2C0, at address 0x50. The SDB GPIO should be connected to PTC2 (A3 on the arduino header)