LP5562: 4-Channel RGB


This sample controls 4 LEDs connected to a TI LP5562 driver, using the following pattern:

  1. turn on LEDs to be red
  2. turn on LEDs to be green
  3. turn on LEDs to be blue
  4. turn on LEDs to be white
  5. turn on LEDs to be yellow
  6. turn on LEDs to be purple
  7. turn on LEDs to be cyan
  8. turn on LEDs to be orange
  9. turn off LEDs
  10. blink the LEDs in white
  11. turn off LEDs
  12. blink the LEDs in purple
  13. turn off LEDs

Refer to the LP5562 Manual for the RGB LED connections and color channel mappings used by this sample.

Building and Running

Build the application for the nRF52840-PCA10056 board, and connect a LP5562 LED driver on the bus I2C0 at the address 0x30.

Using west:

west build -b nrf52840_pca10056 samples/drivers/led_lp5562

Using CMake and ninja:

cmake -B build -GNinja -DBOARD=nrf52840_pca10056 samples/drivers/led_lp5562
ninja -C build

For flashing the application, refer to the Flashing section of the nRF52840-PCA10056 board documentation.