Websocket Console


The websocket-console sample application for Zephyr implements a console over a websocket. The websocket-console sample application listens for incoming IPv4 or IPv6 HTTP(S) requests and provides Zephyr console to the browser over a websocket.

The source code for this sample application can be found at: samples/net/ws_console.


Building and Running

There are multiple ways to use this application. One of the most common usage scenario is to run websocket-console application inside QEMU. This is described in Networking with QEMU.

Build ws_console sample application like this:

# On Linux/macOS
cd $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/net/ws_console
mkdir build && cd build
# On Windows
cd %ZEPHYR_BASE%\samples\net\ws_console
mkdir build & cd build
cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=qemu_x86 ..
ninja run

The default make BOARD configuration for this sample is qemu_x86.

Connect to the console from your browser using these URLs http://[2001:db8::1] or as configured in the project’s prj.conf file.