The latest development version of this page may be more current than this released 2.2.0 version.


This page collects all of the vulnerabilities that are discovered and fixed in each release. It will also often have more details than is available in the releases. Some vulnerabilities are deemed to be sensitive, and will not be publically discussed until there is sufficient time to fix them. Because the release notes are locked to a version, the information here can be updated after the embargo is lifted.

Release 1.14.0 and 2.0.0

The following security vulnerability (CVE) was addressed in this release:

  • Fixes CVE-2019-9506: The Bluetooth BR/EDR specification up to and including version 5.1 permits sufficiently low encryption key length and does not prevent an attacker from influencing the key length negotiation. This allows practical brute-force attacks (aka “KNOB”) that can decrypt traffic and inject arbitrary ciphertext without the victim noticing.