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Video Capture


This sample application uses the Video API to retrieve video frames from the video capture device, writes a frame count message to the console, and then discards the video frame data.


This sample requires a video capture device (e.g. a camera).


On NXP MIMXRT1064-EVK, The MT9M114 camera module should be plugged in the J35 camera connector. A USB cable should be connected from a host to the micro USB debug connector (J41) in order to get console output via the freelink interface.

Building and Running

For NXP MIMXRT1064-EVK, build this sample application with the following commands:

west build -b mimxrt1064_evk samples/video/mt9m114

Sample Output

 Found video device: CSI
 width (640,640), height (480,480)
 Supported pixelformats (fourcc):
  - RGBP
 Use default format (640x480)
 Capture started
 Got frame 743! size: 614400; timestamp 100740 ms
 Got frame 744! size: 614400; timestamp 100875 ms
 Got frame 745! size: 614400; timestamp 101010 ms
 Got frame 746! size: 614400; timestamp 101146 ms
 Got frame 747! size: 614400; timestamp 101281 ms
 Got frame 748! size: 614400; timestamp 101416 ms

<repeats endlessly>