Zephyr API Documentation  3.7.0-rc1
A Scalable Open Source RTOS
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bluetooth Directory Reference


directory  audio
directory  classic
directory  mesh
directory  services


file  addr.h [code]
 Bluetooth device address definitions and utilities.
file  att.h [code]
 Attribute Protocol handling.
file  bluetooth.h [code]
 Bluetooth subsystem core APIs.
file  buf.h [code]
 Bluetooth data buffer API.
file  byteorder.h [code]
 Bluetooth byteorder API.
file  conn.h [code]
 Bluetooth connection handling.
file  controller.h [code]
 Bluetooth subsystem controller APIs.
file  crypto.h [code]
 Bluetooth subsystem crypto APIs.
file  direction.h [code]
file  ead.h [code]
file  gap.h [code]
 Bluetooth Generic Access Profile defines and Assigned Numbers.
file  gatt.h [code]
 Generic Attribute Profile handling.
file  hci.h [code]
file  hci_raw.h [code]
 Bluetooth HCI RAW channel handling.
file  hci_types.h [code]
file  hci_vs.h [code]
file  iso.h [code]
 Bluetooth ISO handling.
file  l2cap.h [code]
 Bluetooth L2CAP handling.
file  mesh.h [code]
 Bluetooth Mesh Profile APIs.
file  testing.h [code]
 Internal API for Bluetooth testing.
file  uuid.h [code]
 Bluetooth UUID handling.