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pwm.h File Reference

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PWM period set helpers

The period cell in the PWM specifier needs to be provided in nanoseconds.

However, in some applications it is more convenient to use another scale.

#define PWM_NSEC(x)   (x)
 Specify PWM period in nanoseconds.
#define PWM_USEC(x)   (PWM_NSEC(x) * 1000UL)
 Specify PWM period in microseconds.
#define PWM_MSEC(x)   (PWM_USEC(x) * 1000UL)
 Specify PWM period in milliseconds.
#define PWM_SEC(x)   (PWM_MSEC(x) * 1000UL)
 Specify PWM period in seconds.
#define PWM_HZ(x)   (PWM_SEC(1UL) / (x))
 Specify PWM frequency in hertz.
#define PWM_KHZ(x)   (PWM_HZ((x) * 1000UL))
 Specify PWM frequency in kilohertz.
PWM polarity flags

The PWM_POLARITY_* flags are used with pwm_set_cycles(), pwm_set() or pwm_configure_capture() to specify the polarity of a PWM channel.

The flags are on the lower 8bits of the pwm_flags_t

#define PWM_POLARITY_NORMAL   (0 << 0)
 PWM pin normal polarity (active-high pulse).
#define PWM_POLARITY_INVERTED   (1 << 0)
 PWM pin inverted polarity (active-low pulse).