Zephyr API Documentation  3.7.0-rc3
A Scalable Open Source RTOS
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Operating System Services

Operating System Services. More...


 Bindesc Define
 Binary Descriptor Definition.
 Cache Interface
 Console API
 Console API.
 Coredump APIs
 Coredump APIs.
 Crypto APIs.
 File System APIs
 File System APIs.
 File System Storage
 Flash image API
 Abstraction layer to write firmware images to flash.
 Heap Management
 Heap Management.
 Iterable Sections APIs
 Iterable Sections APIs.
 Linkable loadable extensions
 Memory Management
 Memory Management.
 Power Management (PM)
 System and device power management.
 Retention API
 Retention API.
 STP Decoder API
 Semihosting APIs
 Shell API
 Shell API.
 State Machine Framework API
 State Machine Framework API.
 Storage APIs
 Storage APIs.
 Symbol Table API
 System Initialization
 Zephyr offers an infrastructure to call initialization code before main.
 System power off
 Task Watchdog APIs
 Task Watchdog APIs.
 Thread analyzer
 Module for analyzing threads.
 Timing Measurement APIs
 Timing Measurement APIs.
 Zbus APIs
 Zbus API.

Detailed Description

Operating System Services.