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bt_conn_remote_info Struct Reference

Connection Remote Info Structure. More...

#include <conn.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
 Connection Type.
uint8_t version
 Remote Link Layer version.
uint16_t manufacturer
 Remote manufacturer identifier.
uint16_t subversion
 Per-manufacturer unique revision.
union {
   struct bt_conn_le_remote_info   le
 LE connection remote info. More...
   struct bt_conn_br_remote_info   br
 BR/EDR connection remote info. More...

Detailed Description

Connection Remote Info Structure.

The version, manufacturer and subversion fields will only contain valid data if CONFIG_BT_REMOTE_VERSION is enabled.

Field Documentation


union { ... } bt_conn_remote_info::@61

◆ br

struct bt_conn_br_remote_info bt_conn_remote_info::br

BR/EDR connection remote info.

◆ le

struct bt_conn_le_remote_info bt_conn_remote_info::le

LE connection remote info.

◆ manufacturer

uint16_t bt_conn_remote_info::manufacturer

Remote manufacturer identifier.

◆ subversion

uint16_t bt_conn_remote_info::subversion

Per-manufacturer unique revision.

◆ type

uint8_t bt_conn_remote_info::type

Connection Type.

◆ version

uint8_t bt_conn_remote_info::version

Remote Link Layer version.

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