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bt_hci_raw_cmd_ext Struct Reference

#include <hci_raw.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t op
 Opcode of the command.
size_t min_len
 Minimal length of the command.
uint8_t(* func )(struct net_buf *buf)
 Handler function.

Field Documentation

◆ func

uint8_t(* bt_hci_raw_cmd_ext::func) (struct net_buf *buf)

Handler function.

Handler function to be called when a command is intercepted.

bufBuffer containing the command.
HCI Status code or BT_HCI_ERR_EXT_HANDLED if command has been handled already and a response has been sent as oppose to BT_HCI_ERR_SUCCESS which just indicates that the command can be sent to the controller to be processed.

◆ min_len

size_t bt_hci_raw_cmd_ext::min_len

Minimal length of the command.

◆ op

uint16_t bt_hci_raw_cmd_ext::op

Opcode of the command.

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