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bt_le_scan_recv_info Struct Reference

#include <bluetooth.h>

Data Fields

const bt_addr_le_taddr
 Advertiser LE address and type. More...
uint8_t sid
int8_t rssi
int8_t tx_power
uint8_t adv_type
uint16_t adv_props
uint16_t interval
 Periodic advertising interval. More...
uint8_t primary_phy
uint8_t secondary_phy

Detailed Description

LE advertisement packet information

Field Documentation

◆ addr

const bt_addr_le_t* bt_le_scan_recv_info::addr

Advertiser LE address and type.

If advertiser is anonymous then this address will be BT_ADDR_LE_ANY.

◆ adv_props

uint16_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::adv_props

Advertising packet properties.

◆ adv_type

uint8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::adv_type

Advertising packet type.

◆ interval

uint16_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::interval

Periodic advertising interval.

If 0 there is no periodic advertising.

◆ primary_phy

uint8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::primary_phy

Primary advertising channel PHY.

◆ rssi

int8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::rssi

Strength of advertiser signal.

◆ secondary_phy

uint8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::secondary_phy

Secondary advertising channel PHY.

◆ sid

uint8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::sid

Advertising Set Identifier.

◆ tx_power

int8_t bt_le_scan_recv_info::tx_power

Transmit power of the advertiser.

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