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bt_rfcomm_dlc Struct Reference

RFCOMM DLC structure. More...

#include <rfcomm.h>

Data Fields

struct k_work_delayable rtx_work
struct k_fifo tx_queue
struct k_sem tx_credits
struct bt_rfcomm_session * session
struct bt_rfcomm_dlc_opsops
bt_security_t required_sec_level
bt_rfcomm_role_t role
uint16_t mtu
uint8_t dlci
uint8_t state
uint8_t rx_credit
struct k_thread tx_thread

Detailed Description

RFCOMM DLC structure.

Field Documentation

◆ dlci

uint8_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::dlci

◆ mtu

uint16_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::mtu

◆ ops

struct bt_rfcomm_dlc_ops* bt_rfcomm_dlc::ops

◆ required_sec_level

bt_security_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::required_sec_level

◆ role

bt_rfcomm_role_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::role

◆ rtx_work

struct k_work_delayable bt_rfcomm_dlc::rtx_work

◆ rx_credit

uint8_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::rx_credit

◆ session

struct bt_rfcomm_session* bt_rfcomm_dlc::session

◆ state

uint8_t bt_rfcomm_dlc::state

◆ tx_credits

struct k_sem bt_rfcomm_dlc::tx_credits

◆ tx_queue

struct k_fifo bt_rfcomm_dlc::tx_queue

◆ tx_thread

struct k_thread bt_rfcomm_dlc::tx_thread

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