Zephyr API Documentation  3.2.99
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device_state Struct Reference

Runtime device dynamic structure (in RAM) per driver instance. More...

#include <device.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int init_res: 8
bool initialized: 1

Detailed Description

Runtime device dynamic structure (in RAM) per driver instance.

Fields in this are expected to be default-initialized to zero. The kernel driver infrastructure and driver access functions are responsible for ensuring that any non-zero initialization is done before they are accessed.

Field Documentation

◆ init_res

unsigned int device_state::init_res

Non-negative result of initializing the device.

The absolute value returned when the device initialization function was invoked, or UINT8_MAX if the value exceeds an 8-bit integer. If initialized is also set, a zero value indicates initialization succeeded.

◆ initialized

bool device_state::initialized

Indicates the device initialization function has been invoked.

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