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lorawan_join_otaa Struct Reference

LoRaWAN join parameters for over-the-Air activation (OTAA) More...

#include <lorawan.h>

Data Fields

 Join EUI.
 Network Key.
 Application Key.
uint16_t dev_nonce
 Device Nonce.

Detailed Description

LoRaWAN join parameters for over-the-Air activation (OTAA)

Note that all of the fields use LoRaWAN 1.1 terminology.

All parameters are optional if a secure element is present in which case the values stored in the secure element will be used instead.

Field Documentation

◆ app_key

uint8_t* lorawan_join_otaa::app_key

Application Key.

◆ dev_nonce

uint16_t lorawan_join_otaa::dev_nonce

Device Nonce.

Starting with LoRaWAN 1.0.4 the DevNonce must be monotonically increasing for each OTAA join with the same EUI. The DevNonce should be stored in non-volatile memory by the application.

◆ join_eui

uint8_t* lorawan_join_otaa::join_eui

Join EUI.

◆ nwk_key

uint8_t* lorawan_join_otaa::nwk_key

Network Key.

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