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ICMP offload context structure. More...

#include <icmp.h>

Data Fields

sys_snode_t node
 List node.
net_icmp_handler_t handler
 ICMP response handler.
net_icmp_offload_ping_handler_t ping_handler
 ICMP offloaded ping handler.
struct net_ififace
 Offloaded network interface.

Detailed Description

ICMP offload context structure.

Field Documentation

◆ handler

net_icmp_handler_t net_icmp_offload::handler

ICMP response handler.

Currently there is only one handler. This means that one offloaded ping request/response can be going on at the same time.

◆ iface

struct net_if* net_icmp_offload::iface

Offloaded network interface.

◆ node

sys_snode_t net_icmp_offload::node

List node.

◆ ping_handler

net_icmp_offload_ping_handler_t net_icmp_offload::ping_handler

ICMP offloaded ping handler.

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