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net_if_mcast_monitor Struct Reference

Multicast monitor handler struct. More...

#include <net_if.h>

Data Fields

sys_snode_t node
 Node information for the slist.
struct net_ififace
 Network interface.
net_if_mcast_callback_t cb
 Multicast callback.

Detailed Description

Multicast monitor handler struct.

Stores the multicast callback information. Caller must make sure that the variable pointed by this is valid during the lifetime of registration. Typically this means that the variable cannot be allocated from stack.

Field Documentation

◆ cb

net_if_mcast_callback_t net_if_mcast_monitor::cb

Multicast callback.

◆ iface

struct net_if* net_if_mcast_monitor::iface

Network interface.

◆ node

sys_snode_t net_if_mcast_monitor::node

Node information for the slist.

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