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w1_sensor.h File Reference

Extended public API for 1-Wire Sensors. More...

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enum  sensor_attribute_w1 { SENSOR_ATTR_W1_ROM = SENSOR_ATTR_PRIV_START }


static void w1_rom_to_sensor_value (const struct w1_rom *rom, struct sensor_value *val)
 Function to write a w1_rom struct to an sensor value ptr.
static void w1_sensor_value_to_rom (const struct sensor_value *val, struct w1_rom *rom)
 Function to write an rom id stored in a sensor value to a struct w1_rom ptr.

Detailed Description

Extended public API for 1-Wire Sensors.

This header file exposes an attribute an helper function to allow the runtime configuration of ROM IDs for 1-Wire Sensors.