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Vendor: Espressif Systems


Espressif Digital to Analog converter (DAC) control node
is part of the RTC low-power domain and belongs to the SENSE
peripherals set. RTC peripherals has GPIOs controlled by the
RTCIO mux, which is separated from the main IO mux.

Two GPIO pads can only be connected to the DAC peripheral.

ESP32 pads
  - GPIO25 as DAC channel 1
  - GPIO26 as DAC channel 2

ESP32-S2 pads
  - GPIO17 as DAC channel 1
  - GPIO18 as DAC channel 2

To enable the DAC peripheral it must be enabled in the board
dts, or in subsequent overlay file.

      &dac {
          status = "okay";

To specify the DAC channel to use, dts overlay must include
properties 'dac-channel-id', which uses zero based channel index.
Variable 'dac-resolution' must be also specified, although ESP32
only supported resolution is 8bits.

      / {
        zephyr,user {
          dac = <&dac>;
          dac-channel-id = <0>;
          dac-resolution = <8>;

NOTE: The DAC peripheral outputs are fixed to gpio pads, therefore
      it does not need to be controlled by the pinctrl node.


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






This property is required.

Constant value: 1

Specifier cell names

  • io-channel cells: output