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Vendor: Generic or vendor-independent


GPIO pins exposed on Atmel Xplained Pro headers.

The Xplained Pro layout provide a standard 20 pin header.  A board can have
one or more headers and can share pins.  The extension headers are given
names EXTn where n ϵ [1…7], n is determined by which ID pin is connected
to the embedded debugger.  A header with ID7 signal from the embedded
debugger connected should be called EXT7. PWR, EXT1, EXT2 and EXT3 are
standard extension headers that have a predefined position according to the
list below:
  * PWR is right angled at the top right hand side of the board. This
  header must always be implemented.
  * EXT1 is right angled at the top right hand side of the board, located
  below the PWR header. This header must always be present.
  * EXT2 is right angled and at the bottom right hand side of the board.
  This header is mandatory for medium and large boards and should not be
  implemented on small boards.
  * EXT3 is right angled pointing downwards
All MCU boards have to implement at least PWR, EXT1, EXT2 (on medium and
large boards), and EXT3. EXT4 to EXT7 can be placed differently depending
on the board design. EXT4 to EXT7 can either be standard extension headers
or application specific headers.


This binding provides a nexus mapping for 20 pins where pins are disposed
to have a even and odd column:

Bind      Pin Name     Pin   Pin  Pin Name        Bind
                   ID  1       2  GND
  0            ADC(+)  3       4  ADC(-)           1
  2   UART(RTS)/GPIO1  5       6  UART(CTS)/GPIO2  3
  4            PWM(+)  7       8  PWM(-)           5
  6         IRQ/GPIO3  9      10  SPI(CS1)/GPIO4   7
  8          I2C(SDA)  11     12  I2C(SCL)         9
 10          UART(RX)  13     14  UART(TX)         11
 12          SPI(CS0)  15     16  SPI(MOSI)        13
 14         SPI(MISO)  17     18  SPI(SCK)         15
                  GND  19     20  VDD(+3.3V)


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






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Number of items to expect in a GPIO specifier

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