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Vendor: Generic or vendor-independent


This binding is used to describe fixed partitions of a flash (or
other nonvolatile storage) memory.

Here is an example:

  &flash0 {
          partitions {
                  compatible = "fixed-partitions";
                  #address-cells = <1>;
                  #size-cells = <1>;

                  boot_partition: partition@0 {
                          label = "mcuboot";
                          reg = <0x00000000 0x0000C000>;
                  slot0_partition: partition@c000 {
                          label = "image-0";
                          reg = <0x0000C000 0x00076000>;
                  slot1_partition: partition@82000 {
                          label = "image-1";
                          reg = <0x00082000 0x00076000>;

                   * The flash starting at 0x000f8000 and ending at
                   * 0x000fffff is reserved for use by the application.

                   * Storage partition will be used by FCB/LittleFS/NVS
                   * if enabled.
                  storage_partition: partition@f8000 {
                          label = "storage";
                          reg = <0x000f8000 0x00008000>;

Note that the usual name for this node is 'partitions'.
The fixed-partitions node should be a child of the flash
memory node. Note also that the flash memory node is usually
different from the node representing the flash controller
IP block.

Above, slot0_partition's register address 0xc000 means that
the partition begins at that offset from the parent flash
memory flash0's base address. That is, partition addresses
are relative; physical addresses must be calculated by adding
the start address of flash0 in memory to each partition's
reg address.


Top level properties

These property descriptions apply to “fixed-partitions” nodes themselves. This page also describes child node properties in the following sections.

Properties not inherited from the base binding file.


Child node properties






Human readable string describing the flash partition.

See Important properties for more information.



set this property if the partition is read-only



This should be in the format <OFFSET SIZE>, where OFFSET
is the offset of the flash partition relative to the base
address of the parent memory, and SIZE is the size of
the partition in bytes.

This property is required.

See Important properties for more information.