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Vendor: Atmel Corporation


Atmel SAM SUPC (Supply-Controller) controller

The supply controller manages the voltage reference, power supply and supply
monitoring of the device. It have a special feature that it can wake-up the
device from a low-power state using special peripherals as wake-up sources.

The dedicated peripherals that can wake-up the core supply domain are: RTC,
RTT, Supply Monitor and GPIOs. In the first three peripherals it is necessary
inform the wakeup-source-id property on their respective nodes.

  rtc: rtc@xxx {
    wakeup-source-id = <&supc SUPC_WAKEUP_SOURCE_RTC>;

The special peripheral will wake-up the device only when the standard property
wakeup-source is defined, e.g.:

  &rtc {

The SUPC wakeup source ids that can be enabled are defined in the
zephyr/include/zephyr/dt-bindings/power/atmel_sam_supc.h header file.


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






Constant value: 1

Specifier cell names

  • wakeup-source-id cells: wakeup-source-id