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ovti,ov2640 (on i2c bus)

Vendor: OmniVision Technologies Co., Ltd.


OV2640 CMOS video sensor


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






GPIO specifier that controls power to the device.

This property should be provided when the device has a dedicated
switch that controls power to the device.  The supply state is
entirely the responsibility of the device driver.

Contrast with vin-supply.



Reference to the regulator that controls power to the device.
The referenced devicetree node must have a regulator compatible.

This property should be provided when device power is supplied
by a shared regulator.  The supply state is dependent on the
request status of all devices fed by the regulator.

Contrast with supply-gpios.  If both properties are provided
then the regulator must be requested before the supply GPIOS is
set to an active state, and the supply GPIOS must be set to an
inactive state before releasing the regulator.



The RESETn pin is asserted to disable the sensor causing a hard
reset.  The sensor receives this as an active-low signal.



Define the value to the Clock Rate Control register. By changing
the system clock divide ratio and PLL, the frame rate and pixel
rate will change together.
Bit[7]    Internal frequency doublers ON/OFF selection.
          0: ON       1: OFF
Bit[6]    Reserved
Bit[5:0]  Clock divider.

CLK = XVCLK /(decimal value of CLKRC[5:0] + 1)

Default value: 135