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Vendor: Texas Instruments


Watchdog driver for external IC (TPS382x)


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






WDI gpio. If WDI remains high or low longer than the timeout period, then reset is triggered. The reset has a typical delay time of 200 ms for TPS3823/4/8, TPS3823A. The timer clears when reset is asserted or when WDI sees a rising edge or a falling edge. If unused, the WDI connection must be high impedance to prevent it from causing a reset event.

This property is required.



Time-out period in milliseconds. Typical for TPS3823/4/8 and TPS3823A is 1.6 seconds but minimum is 0.9. To avoid false positive watchdog reset the watchdog should be kicked within the minimum timeout period. The kick interval also needs to compensate for MCU clock tolerances which means it should be kicked with an interval less than 0.9 seconds. If this device is used as fallback for the task watchdog this can be achieved by setting e.g. TASK_WDT_MIN_TIMEOUT to 850 and TASK_WDT_HW_FALLBACK_DELAY to 750.

Default value: 1600