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Large Composition Data Server

The Large Composition Data Server model is a foundation model defined by the Bluetooth Mesh specification. The model is optional, and is enabled through the CONFIG_BT_MESH_LARGE_COMP_DATA_SRV option.

The Large Composition Data Server model was introduced in the Bluetooth Mesh Protocol Specification version 1.1, and is used to support the functionality of exposing pages of Composition Data that do not fit in a Config Composition Data Status message and to expose metadata of the model instances.

The Large Composition Data Server does not have an API of its own and relies on a Large Composition Data Client to control it. The model only accepts messages encrypted with the node’s device key.

If present, the Large Composition Data Server model must only be instantiated on the primary element.

Models metadata

The Large Composition Data Server model allows each model to have a list of model’s specific metadata that can be read by the Large Composition Data Client model. The metadata list can be associated with the bt_mesh_model through the bt_mesh_model.metadata field. The metadata list consists of one or more entries defined by the bt_mesh_models_metadata_entry structure. Each entry contains the length and ID of the metadata, and a pointer to the raw data. Entries can be created using the BT_MESH_MODELS_METADATA_ENTRY macro. The BT_MESH_MODELS_METADATA_END macro marks the end of the metadata list and must always be present. If the model has no metadata, the helper macro BT_MESH_MODELS_METADATA_NONE can be used instead.

API reference

group bt_mesh_large_comp_data_srv



Large Composition Data Server model composition data entry.