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rtio_sqe Struct Reference

A submission queue event. More...

#include <rtio.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t op
 Op code.
uint8_t prio
 Op priority.
uint16_t flags
 Op Flags.
uint16_t iodev_flags
 Op iodev flags.
const struct rtio_iodeviodev
 Device to operation on.
void * userdata
 User provided data which is returned upon operation completion.
union {
   struct {
      uint32_t   buf_len
 Length of buffer. More...
      uint8_t *   buf
 Buffer to use. More...
   struct {
      uint8_t   tiny_buf_len
 Length of tiny buffer. More...
      uint8_t   tiny_buf [7]
 Tiny buffer. More...
   struct {
      rtio_callback_t   callback
      void *   arg0
 Last argument given to callback. More...
   struct {
      uint32_t   txrx_buf_len
      uint8_t *   tx_buf
      uint8_t *   rx_buf
   uint32_t   i2c_config

Detailed Description

A submission queue event.

Field Documentation


union { ... } rtio_sqe::@372

◆ arg0

void* rtio_sqe::arg0

Last argument given to callback.

◆ buf

uint8_t* rtio_sqe::buf

Buffer to use.

◆ buf_len

uint32_t rtio_sqe::buf_len

Length of buffer.

◆ callback

rtio_callback_t rtio_sqe::callback

◆ flags

uint16_t rtio_sqe::flags

Op Flags.

◆ i2c_config

uint32_t rtio_sqe::i2c_config


◆ iodev

const struct rtio_iodev* rtio_sqe::iodev

Device to operation on.

◆ iodev_flags

uint16_t rtio_sqe::iodev_flags

Op iodev flags.

◆ op

uint8_t rtio_sqe::op

Op code.

◆ prio

uint8_t rtio_sqe::prio

Op priority.

◆ rx_buf

uint8_t* rtio_sqe::rx_buf

◆ tiny_buf

uint8_t rtio_sqe::tiny_buf[7]

Tiny buffer.

◆ tiny_buf_len

uint8_t rtio_sqe::tiny_buf_len

Length of tiny buffer.

◆ tx_buf

uint8_t* rtio_sqe::tx_buf

◆ txrx_buf_len

uint32_t rtio_sqe::txrx_buf_len

◆ userdata

void* rtio_sqe::userdata

User provided data which is returned upon operation completion.

Could be a pointer or integer.

If unique identification of completions is desired this should be unique as well.

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