Troubleshooting West

This page covers common issues with west and how to solve them.

“invalid choice: ‘post-init’”

If you see this error when running west init:

west: error: argument <command>: invalid choice: 'post-init'
(choose from 'init', 'update', 'list', 'manifest', 'diff',
'status', 'forall', 'config', 'selfupdate', 'help')

Then you have an old version of west installed, and are trying to use it in an installation that requires a more recent version.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to upgrade west and retry as follows:

  1. Install the latest west with the -U option for pip3 install as shown in Installing west.

  2. Back up any contents of zephyrproject/.west/config that you want to save. (If you don’t have any configuration options set, it’s safe to skip this step.)

  3. Completely remove the zephyrproject/.west directory (if you don’t, you will get the “already in an installation” error message discussed next).

  4. Run west init again.

“already in an installation”

You may see this error when running west init:

FATAL ERROR: already in an installation (<some directory>), aborting

If this is unexpected and you’re really trying to create a new installation, then it’s likely that west is using the ZEPHYR_BASE environment variable to locate a west installation elsewhere on your system. This is intentional behavior; it allows you to put your Zephyr applications in any directory and still use west.

To resolve this issue, unset ZEPHYR_BASE and try again.