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TSC Working Groups


The TSC, at its discretion, may establish working groups or subcommittees to serve as focused teams dedicated to specific technical areas, initiatives, or tasks.


Working Group Membership Eligibility

  • Each Working group (WG) shall determine its own membership eligibility, in consultation with the TSC.

  • Each working group shall have a team of members who are actively involved in its activities and decision-making processes.

  • It is expected that WG membership shall be open to all Zephyr project :ref:`Collaborators <collaborator>`; however, working groups may impose restrictions such as the number of participants from a single company.

  • All TSC members are eligible to join a working group as members, part of the responsibilities being a TSC member.

  • The minimal number of members may vary depending on the complexity of the tasks and the breadth of expertise required to address them effectively.

  • A working group should aim to have at least five to seven members to ensure diversity of perspectives, collaboration, and continuity.

  • The structure of each working group within the Zephyr Project should be designed to ensure effectiveness, productivity, and inclusivity. While the optimal size of a working group can vary depending on the specific context and scope of its activities.

  • Participation in WG meetings and discussions is open to all project contributors.

Working Group Chair / Co-chair

Each working group may elect a Chair and optionally a Co-Chair who is responsible for leading meetings and representing the working group to the TSC.

Working Group Chair / Co-Chair Elections

  • The Chair and Co-Chair shall be elected by the members of the working group

  • Any member of the working group has the right to nominate themselves for the chair/co-chair positions.

  • The term for the chair/co-chair is one year

  • If a chair/co-chair resigns from the position before the end of the term, a vote is to be held to elect a new chair/co-chair.

Working Group Voter Eligibility

  • Voting for a Chair or Co-Chair is open to the members of the working group.

  • Only 1 working group member from each company may vote in the election.

  • The Chair and Co-Chair shall be members of the working group.

Working Group Election Confirmation

  • The elected Chair (and/or Co-Chair) is submitted to the TSC for confirmation.

  • The TSC decides to accept the outcome or requests a new voting.

Advisory role

  • Working Groups are advisory in nature. They provide advice to the projects and to the TSC.

  • Working groups operate on a rough consensus basis. If the working group is unable to reach consensus on what advice to offer, the working group Chair shall raise the issue with the TSC or the relevant committee (Safety and Security), where a formal vote can be taken, or advise the project that the working group cannot reach consensus.

  • Working groups shall keep track of discussions and record any votes, decisions, or recommendations made and share results with the community and the TSC.

  • Working group meetings and offline discussions shall be captured in a standalone document with all supporting details such as attendance, quorum, actions to be taken, and next steps.

  • Decisions made within a working group are non-binding and are only considered ratified after communicating decisions and outcomes to the TSC.

  • Lacking any objections from the TSC within 1 week after the communication or report of any results, decisions of a working group are considered confirmed and ratified.

TSC Working Group Lifecycle

Creation of a TSC working group

In order to create a TSC working group, a TSC member shall make a proposal to the TSC (via TSC email list) that shall cover at least the following:

  • TSC working group name.

  • TSC working group purpose

  • TSC working group expected deliverables

  • TSC working group starting participants with at least one TSC member acting as a sponsor.

  • Optionally TSC working group definition of done

Update of a TSC working group

The TSC can modify a TSC working group via a TSC decision. To request such a modification, a request is made to the TSC email list.

Conclusion of a TSC working group

The TSC decides the termination of the TSC working group in accordance with the TSC decision procedure. The submission of a request to terminate the TSC working group should cover:

  • TSC working group name

  • TSC working group deliveries

  • Motivation for termination of the TSC working group