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MH-Z19B: CO2 Sensor Sample


This sample application demonstrate the configurations of the MH-Z19B CO2 sensor, then periodically reads CO2 data from the sensor. The driver currently only support uart interrupt APIs.


The baudrate of the UART must be configured to 9600, and must support interrupt driven API.

Building and Running

To build the application, a board with UART interface has to be chosen, or a custom devicetree overlay has to be provided. Here Nucleo G0B1RE board is used. Then, connect the RX and TX from your Zephyr target board to the MH-Z19B CO2 sensor and power the sensor according to the datasheet.

west build -b nucleo_g0b1re samples/sensor/mhz19b

Sample Output

The application will perform runtime configuration of the sensor, then read back the sensor configuration data. After that it will read the CO2 data every 2 seconds.

Winsen MH-Z19B CO2 sensor application
Configuring sensor - OK
Reading configurations from sensor:
Sensor range is set to 5000ppm
Sensor ABC is enabled
sensor: co2 reading: 758
sensor: co2 reading: 759
sensor: co2 reading: 762

<repeats endlessly every 2 seconds>