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TI_TMP116 Sample


This sample application periodically takes temperature readings using the ti_tmp116 sensor driver. The result is written to the console. This sample also included the code to use the features provided by TMP117, which is a sensor similar to TMP116


This sample needs a TI TMP116 or TI TMP117 sensor connected to the target board’s I2C connector.


This sample is tested with Nucleo STM32F401RE board.

The sensor operates at 3.3V and uses I2C to communicate with the board.

External Wires:

  • Breakout GND pin <–> Nucleo GND pin

  • Breakout VCC pin <–> Nucleo 3V3 pin

  • Breakout SDA pin <–> Nucleo CN5-D14 pin

  • Breakout SCL pin <–> Nucleo CN5-D15 pin

Building and Running

In order to build the sample, connect the board to the computer with a USB cable and enter the following commands:

west build -b nucleo_f401re samples/sensor/tmp116
west flash

Sample Output

The output can be seen via a terminal emulator (e.g. minicom). Connect the board with a USB cable to the computer and open /dev/ttyACM0 with the below serial settings:

  • Baudrate: 115200

  • Parity: None

  • Data: 8

  • Stop bits: 1

The output should look like this:

Device TMP116 - 0x200010a8 is ready
temp is 26.7031250 oC
temp is 26.7109375 oC