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X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 shield Standard (Mode 1) sample


This sample is provided as an example to test the X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 shield configured in Standard mode (Mode 1). Please refer to Mode 1: Standard Mode for more info on this configuration.

This sample enables the following four sensors of a X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 shield, and then periodically reads and displays data from the shield sensors:

  • LSM6DSV16X 6-Axis acceleration and angular velocity

  • LSM6DSO16IS 6-Axis acceleration and angular velocity

  • LPS22DF ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure

  • LIS2MDL 3-Axis magnetic field intensity


This sample communicates over I2C with the X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 shield stacked on a board with an Arduino connector, e.g. the ST Nucleo F411RE board.

Building and Running

This sample runs with X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 stacked on any board with a matching Arduino connector. For this example, we use a ST Nucleo F411RE board.

west build -b nucleo_f411re samples/shields/x_nucleo_iks4a1/standard/
west flash

Sample Output

X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1 sensor dashboard

LIS2MDL: Magn (gauss): x: -0.364, y: -0.523, z: -0.399
LIS2MDL: Temperature: 22.4 C
LSM6DSO16IS: Accel (m.s-2): x: -0.167, y: -0.249, z: 9.954
LSM6DSO16IS: GYro (dps): x: 0.047, y: -0.052, z: -0.042
LSM6DSO16IS: Temperature: 25.8 C
LSM6DSV16X: Accel (m.s-2): x: 0.005, y: 0.053, z: 9.930
LSM6DSV16X: GYro (dps): x: -0.000, y: 0.000, z: 0.005
LPS22DF: Temperature: 25.2 C
LPS22DF: Pressure:98.121 kpa
10:: lis2mdl trig 1839
10:: lsm6dso16is acc trig 3892
10:: lsm6dsv16x acc trig 4412
10:: lps22df trig 174

<updated endlessly every 2 seconds>


X-NUCLEO-IKS4A1: MEMS Inertial and Environmental Multi sensor shield