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isotp.h File Reference

Public API for ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2:2016) More...

#include <zephyr/drivers/can.h>
#include <zephyr/types.h>
#include <zephyr/net/buf.h>

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Data Structures

struct  isotp_msg_id
 ISO-TP message id struct. More...
struct  isotp_fc_opts
 ISO-TP frame control options struct. More...


#define ISOTP_N_OK   0
 Completed successfully.
#define ISOTP_N_TIMEOUT_A   -1
 Ar/As has timed out.
#define ISOTP_N_TIMEOUT_BS   -2
 Reception of next FC has timed out.
#define ISOTP_N_TIMEOUT_CR   -3
 Cr has timed out.
#define ISOTP_N_WRONG_SN   -4
 Unexpected sequence number.
#define ISOTP_N_INVALID_FS   -5
 Invalid flow status received.
#define ISOTP_N_UNEXP_PDU   -6
 Unexpected PDU received.
#define ISOTP_N_WFT_OVRN   -7
 Maximum number of WAIT flowStatus PDUs exceeded.
 FlowStatus OVFLW PDU was received.
#define ISOTP_N_ERROR   -9
 General error.
#define ISOTP_NO_FREE_FILTER   -10
 Implementation specific errors.
#define ISOTP_NO_NET_BUF_LEFT   -11
 No net buffer left to allocate.
#define ISOTP_NO_BUF_DATA_LEFT   -12
 Not sufficient space in the buffer left for the data.
#define ISOTP_NO_CTX_LEFT   -13
 No context buffer left to allocate.
#define ISOTP_RECV_TIMEOUT   -14
 Timeout for recv.
 Position of fixed source address (SA)
 Mask to obtain fixed source address (SA)
 Position of fixed target address (TA)
 Mask to obtain fixed target address (TA)
 Position of priority in fixed addressing mode.
 Mask for priority in fixed addressing mode.
 CAN filter RX mask to match any priority and source address (SA)
ISO-TP message ID flags

 Message uses ISO-TP extended addressing (first payload byte of CAN frame)
 Message uses ISO-TP fixed addressing (according to SAE J1939).
#define ISOTP_MSG_IDE   BIT(2)
 Message uses extended (29-bit) CAN ID.
#define ISOTP_MSG_FDF   BIT(3)
 Message uses CAN FD format (FDF)
#define ISOTP_MSG_BRS   BIT(4)
 Message uses CAN FD Baud Rate Switch (BRS).


typedef void(* isotp_tx_callback_t) (int error_nr, void *arg)
 Transmission callback.


int isotp_bind (struct isotp_recv_ctx *rctx, const struct device *can_dev, const struct isotp_msg_id *rx_addr, const struct isotp_msg_id *tx_addr, const struct isotp_fc_opts *opts, k_timeout_t timeout)
 Bind an address to a receiving context.
void isotp_unbind (struct isotp_recv_ctx *rctx)
 Unbind a context from the interface.
int isotp_recv (struct isotp_recv_ctx *rctx, uint8_t *data, size_t len, k_timeout_t timeout)
 Read out received data from fifo.
int isotp_recv_net (struct isotp_recv_ctx *rctx, struct net_buf **buffer, k_timeout_t timeout)
 Get the net buffer on data reception.
int isotp_send (struct isotp_send_ctx *sctx, const struct device *can_dev, const uint8_t *data, size_t len, const struct isotp_msg_id *tx_addr, const struct isotp_msg_id *rx_addr, isotp_tx_callback_t complete_cb, void *cb_arg)
 Send data.

Detailed Description

Public API for ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2:2016)

ISO-TP is a transport protocol for CAN (Controller Area Network)