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device Struct Reference

Runtime device structure (in ROM) per driver instance. More...

#include <device.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const void * config
const void * api
struct device_statestate
void * data
const device_handle_thandles

Detailed Description

Runtime device structure (in ROM) per driver instance.

Field Documentation

◆ api

const void* device::api

Address of the API structure exposed by the device instance

◆ config

const void* device::config

Address of device instance config information

◆ data

void* device::data

Address of the device instance private data

◆ handles

const device_handle_t* device::handles

optional pointer to handles associated with the device.

This encodes a sequence of sets of device handles that have some relationship to this node. The individual sets are extracted with dedicated API, such as device_required_handles_get().

◆ name

const char* device::name

Name of the device instance

◆ state

struct device_state* device::state

Address of the common device state

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