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micp.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  bt_micp_mic_dev_register_param
 Register parameters structure for Microphone Control Service. More...
struct  bt_micp_included
 Microphone Control Profile included services. More...
struct  bt_micp_mic_dev_cb
struct  bt_micp_mic_ctlr_cb


 Application error codes.
#define BT_MICP_MUTE_UNMUTED   0x00
 Microphone Control Profile mute states.
#define BT_MICP_MUTE_MUTED   0x01
#define BT_MICP_MUTE_DISABLED   0x02


int bt_micp_mic_dev_register (struct bt_micp_mic_dev_register_param *param)
 Initialize the Microphone Control Profile Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_dev_included_get (struct bt_micp_included *included)
 Get Microphone Device included services.
int bt_micp_mic_dev_unmute (void)
 Unmute the Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_dev_mute (void)
 Mute the Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_dev_mute_disable (void)
 Disable the mute functionality on the Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_dev_mute_get (void)
 Read the mute state on the Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_included_get (struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr *mic_ctlr, struct bt_micp_included *included)
 Get Microphone Control Profile included services.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_conn_get (const struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr *mic_ctlr, struct bt_conn **conn)
 Get the connection pointer of a Microphone Controller instance.
struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr * bt_micp_mic_ctlr_get_by_conn (const struct bt_conn *conn)
 Get the volume controller from a connection pointer.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_discover (struct bt_conn *conn, struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr **mic_ctlr)
 Discover Microphone Control Service.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_unmute (struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr *mic_ctlr)
 Unmute a remote Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_mute (struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr *mic_ctlr)
 Mute a remote Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_mute_get (struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr *mic_ctlr)
 Read the mute state of a remote Microphone Device.
int bt_micp_mic_ctlr_cb_register (struct bt_micp_mic_ctlr_cb *cb)
 Registers the callbacks used by Microphone Controller.