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net_buf_simple Struct Reference

Simple network buffer representation. More...

#include <buf.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t len
uint16_t size

Detailed Description

Simple network buffer representation.

This is a simpler variant of the net_buf object (in fact net_buf uses net_buf_simple internally). It doesn't provide any kind of reference counting, user data, dynamic allocation, or in general the ability to pass through kernel objects such as FIFOs.

The main use of this is for scenarios where the meta-data of the normal net_buf isn't needed and causes too much overhead. This could be e.g. when the buffer only needs to be allocated on the stack or when the access to and lifetime of the buffer is well controlled and constrained.

Field Documentation

◆ data

uint8_t* net_buf_simple::data

Pointer to the start of data in the buffer.

◆ len

uint16_t net_buf_simple::len

Length of the data behind the data pointer.

To determine the max length, use net_buf_simple_max_len(), not size!

◆ size

uint16_t net_buf_simple::size

Amount of data that net_buf_simple::__buf can store.

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