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wifi_nm.h File Reference

Wi-Fi Network manager API. More...

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Data Structures

struct  wifi_nm_instance
 WiFi Network manager instance. More...


struct wifi_nm_instancewifi_nm_get_instance (const char *name)
 Get a Network manager instance for a given name.
struct wifi_nm_instancewifi_nm_get_instance_iface (struct net_if *iface)
 Get a Network manager instance for a given interface.
int wifi_nm_register_mgd_iface (struct wifi_nm_instance *nm, struct net_if *iface)
 Register a managed interface.
int wifi_nm_unregister_mgd_iface (struct wifi_nm_instance *nm, struct net_if *iface)
 Unregister managed interface.

Detailed Description

Wi-Fi Network manager API.

This file contains the Wi-Fi network manager API. These APIs are used by the any network management application to register as a Wi-Fi network manager.