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Vendor: GigaDevice Semiconductor


Gigadevice Reset and Clock Unit (RCU) if a multi-function peripheral in
charge of reset control (RCTL) and clock control (CCTL) for all SoC
peripherals. This binding represents the clock controller (CCTL).

To specify the clocks in a peripheral, the standard clocks property needs
to be used, e.g.:

  gpioa: gpio@xxx {
      /* cell encodes RCU register offset and control bit position */
      clocks = <&cctl GD32_CLOCK_GPIOA>;

Predefined RCU clock cells are available in
include/zephyr/dts-bindings/clock/gd32{xxx}-clocks.h header files, where {xxx}
corresponds to the SoC series, e.g. f4xx.


Properties not inherited from the base binding file.






Number of items to expect in a Clock specifier

This property is required.

Constant value: 1

Specifier cell names

  • clock cells: id