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Vendor: Generic or vendor-independent


GPIO pins exposed on Arduino Uno (R3) headers.

The Arduino Uno layout provides four headers, two each along
opposite edges of the board.

Proceeding counter-clockwise:
* An 8-pin Power Supply header.  No pins on this header are exposed
  by this binding.
* A 6-pin Analog Input header.  This has analog input signals
  labeled from A0 at the top through A5 at the bottom.
* An 8-pin header (opposite Analog Input).  This has digital input
  signals labeled from D0 at the bottom D7 at the top;
* A 10-pin header (opposite Power Supply).  This has six additional
  digital input signals labelled from D8 at the bottom through D13
  towards the top, skipping two pins, then finishing with D14 and
  D15 at the top.

This binding provides a nexus mapping for 20 pins where parent pins 0
through 5 correspond to A0 through A5, and parent pins 6 through 21
correspond to D0 through D15, as depicted below:

                             D15  21
                             D14  20
                             AREF -
                             GND  -
    - N/C                    D13  19
    - IOREF                  D12  18
    - RESET                  D11  17
    - 3V3                    D10  16
    - 5V                     D9   15
    - GND                    D8   14
    - GND
    - VIN                    D7   13
                             D6   12
    0 A0                     D5   11
    1 A1                     D4   10
    2 A2                     D3    9
    3 A3                     D2    8
    4 A4                     D1    7
    5 A5                     D0    6


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Number of items to expect in a GPIO specifier

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