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dhcpv4_server.h File Reference

DHCPv4 Server API. More...

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typedef void(* net_dhcpv4_lease_cb_t) (struct net_if *iface, struct dhcpv4_addr_slot *lease, void *user_data)
 Callback used while iterating over active DHCPv4 address leases.


int net_dhcpv4_server_start (struct net_if *iface, struct in_addr *base_addr)
 Start DHCPv4 server instance on an iface.
int net_dhcpv4_server_stop (struct net_if *iface)
 Stop DHCPv4 server instance on an iface.
int net_dhcpv4_server_foreach_lease (struct net_if *iface, net_dhcpv4_lease_cb_t cb, void *user_data)
 Iterate over all DHCPv4 address leases on a given network interface and call callback for each lease.

Detailed Description

DHCPv4 Server API.