Zephyr API Documentation  3.6.99
A Scalable Open Source RTOS
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net Directory Reference


directory  conn_mgr
directory  http


file  buf.h [code]
 Buffer management.
file  canbus.h [code]
 CAN bus socket API definitions.
file  capture.h [code]
 Network packet capture definitions.
file  coap.h [code]
 CoAP implementation for Zephyr.
file  coap_client.h [code]
 CoAP client API.
file  coap_link_format.h [code]
file  coap_mgmt.h [code]
 CoAP Events code public header.
file  coap_service.h [code]
 CoAP Service API.
file  conn_mgr_connectivity.h [code]
 API for controlling generic network association routines on network devices that support it.
file  conn_mgr_connectivity_impl.h [code]
 API for defining conn_mgr connectivity implementations (allowing ifaces to be used with conn_mgr_connectivity).
file  conn_mgr_monitor.h [code]
 API for monitoring network connections and interfaces.
file  dhcpv4.h [code]
 DHCPv4 Client Handler.
file  dhcpv4_server.h [code]
 DHCPv4 Server API.
file  dhcpv6.h [code]
 DHCPv6 client.
file  dns_resolve.h [code]
 DNS resolving library.
file  dns_sd.h [code]
 DNS Service Discovery.
file  dsa.h [code]
 DSA definitions and handlers.
file  dummy.h [code]
 Dummy layer 2.
file  ethernet.h [code]
file  ethernet_bridge.h [code]
 Ethernet Bridge public header file.
file  ethernet_mgmt.h [code]
 Ethernet Management interface public header.
file  ethernet_vlan.h [code]
 VLAN specific definitions.
file  gptp.h [code]
 Public functions for the Precision Time Protocol Stack.
file  hostname.h [code]
 Hostname configuration definitions.
file  icmp.h [code]
 ICMP sending and receiving.
file  ieee802154.h [code]
 IEEE 802.15.4 native L2 stack public header.
file  ieee802154_ie.h [code]
 IEEE 802.15.4 MAC information element (IE) related types and helpers.
file  ieee802154_mgmt.h [code]
 IEEE 802.15.4 Management interface public header.
file  ieee802154_pkt.h [code]
 Packet data common to all IEEE 802.15.4 L2 layers.
file  ieee802154_radio.h [code]
 Public IEEE 802.15.4 Driver API.
file  ieee802154_radio_openthread.h [code]
 This file extends interface of ieee802154_radio.h for OpenThread.
file  igmp.h [code]
file  ipv4_autoconf.h [code]
 IPv4 Autoconfiguration.
file  lldp.h [code]
 LLDP definitions and handler.
file  loopback.h [code]
 Loopback control interface.
file  lwm2m.h [code]
 LwM2M high-level API.
file  lwm2m_path.h [code]
file  mdio.h [code]
 Definitions for IEEE 802.3 management interface.
file  mdns_responder.h [code]
 mDNS responder API
file  mii.h [code]
 Definitions for IEEE 802.3, Section 2 MII compatible PHY transceivers.
file  mqtt.h [code]
 MQTT Client Implementation.
file  mqtt_sn.h [code]
 MQTT-SN Client Implementation.
file  net_config.h [code]
 Routines for network subsystem initialization.
file  net_context.h [code]
 Network context definitions.
file  net_core.h [code]
 Network core definitions.
file  net_event.h [code]
 Network Events code public header.
file  net_if.h [code]
 Public API for network interface.
file  net_ip.h [code]
 IPv6 and IPv4 definitions.
file  net_l2.h [code]
 Public API for network L2 interface.
file  net_linkaddr.h [code]
 Public API for network link address.
file  net_mgmt.h [code]
 Network Management API public header.
file  net_offload.h [code]
 Public API for offloading IP stack.
file  net_pkt.h [code]
 Network packet buffer descriptor API.
file  net_pkt_filter.h [code]
 Network packet filtering public header file.
file  net_stats.h [code]
 Network statistics.
file  net_time.h [code]
 Representation of nanosecond resolution elapsed time and timestamps in the network stack.
file  net_timeout.h [code]
 Network timer with wrap around.
file  offloaded_netdev.h [code]
 Offloaded network device iface API.
file  openthread.h [code]
 OpenThread L2 stack public header.
file  phy.h [code]
 Public APIs for Ethernet PHY drivers.
file  ppp.h [code]
 PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
file  promiscuous.h [code]
 Network interface promiscuous mode support.
file  ptp_time.h [code]
 Public functions for the Precision Time Protocol time specification.
file  sntp.h [code]
 SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
file  socket.h [code]
 BSD Sockets compatible API definitions.
file  socket_net_mgmt.h [code]
 NET_MGMT socket definitions.
file  socket_offload.h [code]
 Socket Offload Redirect API.
file  socket_poll.h [code]
file  socket_select.h [code]
 BSD select support functions.
file  socket_service.h [code]
 BSD Socket service API.
file  socket_types.h [code]
 socket types definitionis
file  socketcan.h [code]
 SocketCAN definitions.
file  socketcan_utils.h [code]
 SocketCAN utilities.
file  socketutils.h [code]
 Socket utility functions.
file  tftp.h [code]
 TFTP Client Implementation.
file  tls_credentials.h [code]
 TLS credentials management.
file  trickle.h [code]
 Trickle timer library.
file  udp.h [code]
 UDP utility functions.
file  virtual.h [code]
 Virtual Network Interface.
file  virtual_mgmt.h [code]
 Virtual Interface Management interface public header.
file  websocket.h [code]
 Websocket API.
file  wifi.h [code]
 IEEE 802.11 protocol and general Wi-Fi definitions.
file  wifi_mgmt.h [code]
 WiFi L2 stack public header.
file  wifi_nm.h [code]
 Wi-Fi Network manager API.
file  wifi_utils.h [code]
 Utility functions to be used by the Wi-Fi subsystem.
file  zperf.h [code]
 Zperf API.