Zephyr API Documentation  3.7.0-rc1
A Scalable Open Source RTOS
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 Application network context
 Application network context.
 BSD Sockets compatible API
 BSD Sockets compatible API.
 BSD socket service API
 BSD socket service API.
 COAP Library
 COAP library.
 CoAP Manager Events
 CoAP Manager Events.
 CoAP client API
 CoAP client API.
 CoAP service API
 CoAP Service API.
 Connection Manager API
 Connection Manager API.
 Connection Manager Connectivity API
 Connection Manager Connectivity API.
 Connection Manager Connectivity Bulk API
 Connection Manager Bulk API.
 Connection Manager Connectivity Implementation API
 Connection Manager Connectivity Implementation API.
 DHCPv4 server
 DHCPv4 server.
 DNS Resolve Library
 DNS resolving library.
 DNS Service Discovery
 DNS Service Discovery.
 Distributed Switch Architecture definitions and helpers
 DSA definitions and helpers.
 Dummy L2/driver Support Functions
 Dummy L2/driver support functions.
 Ethernet Bridging API
 Ethernet Bridging API.
 Ethernet Library
 Ethernet library.
 Ethernet PHY Interface
 Ethernet PHY Interface.
 Ethernet Support Functions
 Ethernet support functions.
 HTTP client API
 HTTP client API.
 HTTP request methods
 HTTP request methods.
 HTTP response status codes
 HTTP response status codes.
 HTTP server API
 HTTP service API
 IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol)
 IPv4/IPv6 primitives and helpers
 IPv4/IPv6 primitives and helpers.
 Link Layer Discovery Protocol definitions and helpers
 LLDP definitions and helpers.
 LwM2M high-level API
 MQTT Client library
 MQTT-SN Client library
 Network Buffer Library
 Network buffer library.
 Network Configuration Library
 Network configuration library.
 Network Core Library
 Network core library.
 Network Core Library
 Socket NET_MGMT library.
 Network Core Library
 SocketCAN library.
 Network Hostname Library
 Network hostname configuration library.
 Network Interface abstraction layer
 Network Interface abstraction layer.
 Network L2 Abstraction Layer
 Network Layer 2 abstraction layer.
 Network Link Address Library
 Network link address library.
 Network Management
 Network Management.
 Network Offloading Interface
 Network offloading interface.
 Network Packet Filter API
 Network Packet Filter API.
 Network Packet Library
 Network packet management library.
 Network Statistics Library
 Network statistics library.
 Network long timeout primitives and helpers
 Network long timeout primitives and helpers.
 Network packet capture
 Network packet capture support functions.
 Network time representation.
 Offloaded Net Devices
 Offloaded Net Devices.
 PPP L2/driver Support Functions
 Point-to-point (PPP) L2/driver support functions.
 PTP support
 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support.
 PTP time
 Precision Time Protocol time specification.
 Promiscuous mode
 Promiscuous mode support.
 Simple Network Time Protocol API.
 Send and receive IPv4 or IPv6 ICMP Echo Request messages.
 TFTP Client library
 TLS credentials management
 TLS credentials management.
 Trickle Algorithm Library
 Trickle algorithm library.
 Virtual Interface Library
 Virtual interface library.
 Virtual LAN definitions and helpers
 VLAN definitions and helpers.
 Virtual Network Interface Support Functions
 Virtual network interface support functions.
 Websocket API
 Websocket API.
 Wi-Fi Management
 Wi-Fi Management API.
 Wi-Fi Network Manager API
 Wi-Fi Network manager API.
 Zperf API
 gPTP support
 generic Precision Time Protocol (gPTP) support

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