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mdns_responder.h File Reference

mDNS responder API More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include <zephyr/net/dns_sd.h>

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int mdns_responder_set_ext_records (const struct dns_sd_rec *records, size_t count)
 Register continuous memory of dns_sd_rec records.

Detailed Description

mDNS responder API

This file contains the mDNS responder API. These APIs are used by the to register mDNS records.

Function Documentation

◆ mdns_responder_set_ext_records()

int mdns_responder_set_ext_records ( const struct dns_sd_rec records,
size_t  count 

Register continuous memory of dns_sd_rec records.

mDNS responder will start with iteration over mDNS records registered using DNS_SD_REGISTER_SERVICE (if any) and then go over external records.

recordsA pointer to an array of mDNS records. It is stored internally without copying the content so it must be kept valid. It can be set to NULL, e.g. before freeing the memory block.
countThe number of elements
0 for OK; -EINVAL for invalid parameters.